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Sophia Webb is a London based artist, specialising in handmade paper cut art.

Her striking collections and commissions are designed to brighten daily life and celebrate the joy in small detail.  Her intricate work is inspired by her love of narrative, nature, colour and pattern.

In their purest form, her papercuts are made with pencil, paper and scalpel. For more playful pieces she adds elements of gouache and ink. 

Her papercuts are made by hand to ensure that each work is unique.

The time and energy used to create each artwork is as important as the final piece.

Sophia's story:

Born in Scotland, Sophia grew up surrounded by creativity.

Her artistic family taught her to find the beauty in life, while not taking herself too seriously; mixing the sublime with the ridiculous.

Despite a propensity for creative arts at school, Sophia completed a BSc in Countryside Management at The University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Here she developed a love for the Northumbrian landscape, where she still visits today, alongside her native Scotland, and her husband's beloved Suffolk coast.

Her career in the arts started at a London art print publisher, where as a researcher, she spent nine years immersing herself in a world of hugely talented artists. Along the way she honed her "commercial eye", developing print collections for high street retailers.

Several years later she picked up a scalpel for a community event, and realised she wanted to pursue papercutting further. 

Experiments led to commissions, which led to small collections of made-to-order pieces; and despite a low-key approach to marketing, Sophia has continual projects on the go. Her work can be found from America to Singapore.

More locally, she also makes time to use her skills for small scale charitable fundraising and local community events.

This is central to her ethos that small things can make a big difference.

With a busy work and family schedule, her creative process is often done at night, free from distraction. 

Creations "From the Night Owl". 

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