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All papercuts are hand cut to order, and available

in a selection of colours.

Each work is handmade (rather than machine made) to retain the unique character of the finished piece. 


drawn in pencil

Every work starts as a sketch to map out ideas. 
Individual elements are then hand drawn in detail and interlinked, to create a composition that can be cut from a single sheet of paper.

set in ink

The draft composition is hand traced to define the contours of the cutting template. This is reversed and transposed onto paper, ready for cutting.


cut from paper

The final work is hand cut with a scalpel.
This part of the process is magical to watch (and is documented regularly on Sophia's social media); the image slowly emerging from the paper, piece by piece.

made to be unique

Sophia is frequently asked what would happen if she were to 'make a mistake'? The answer is that most of her pieces contain unplanned cuts; if they do not compromise the composition, they enhance it.

Sophia's work is about spirit, endeavour and the human touch.

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